Wilderness Ministry Institute

Wilderness Ministry Institute (WMI): Adventure is a key aspect of reaching the hearts of young people. For this reason we train youth workers in the heart and skills of safely and effectively introducing young people to Jesus Christ through guided outdoor adventures.  Currently we are developing adventure ministries in various stages in the following countries:  Romania, Czech Republic, Nepal, New Zealand, Indonesia, China, Japan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkey, Italy, Sweden, and Mexico.  Ashley Denton’s book, Christian Outdoor Leadership: Theology, Theory, and Practice provides a good foundation for why we believe WMI is such a crucial ministry to pursue.  It highlights how God has used outdoor adventure throughout history to shape leaders.

Adventure Evangelism/Camping Ministries: Wilderness Ministry Institute (WMI) is about training folks in the heart and skills of outreach camping.  It is designed to train youth workers to utilize low cost adventure trips to build relationships and share the Gospel with young people.  These trips are meant to be built into a yearly cycle of youth ministry.  Ideally these are one week long trip during the summer months and one weekend trip during the winter months. They are a vital part of healthy youth ministry.  Large American youth ministries have demonstrated great success with camping ministries, where 40% of the kids involved meet Christ at camp.  Unfortunately, most of the world cannot afford a camp property so we train people to use the outdoors and help provide equipment to make trips possible.  Please visit the Wilderness Ministry Institute website for more information.  Project 54 is a fundraiser we developed to provide fledgling wilderness ministries with the gear and training to run their own program.  Please visit project54.org for more info.