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Bad Theology Deeply Damages Christain Leaders and the Church

       Many countries around the world don’t have the resources to adequately train new pastors and leaders theologically. Incorrect and underdeveloped theology among Christain leadership is highly damaging to the local church. Not only is the gospel misrepresented but it causes pastors become burned out and believers to be held under oppressive works driven belief systems. It is a serious and growing problem.

The Solution Is High Quality, Locally Based, Intensive Courses

Over the past 5 years Nexus has been developing and implementing a solution to the this growing problem. We have been offering a traveling seminary certificate that consists of 12 courses done in 6 session over three years. These courses include:



Old Testament Survey

New Testament Survey

Spiritual formation

Theology 1

Theology 2


Church History

Leadership 1

Leadership 2

New Testament Book

       These courses cover all the major topics to give pastors and leaders the theological grounding that their people need. With the proper theological education we will be equipping leaders to effectively bring truth, peace and hope the next generation.

“Theology is to evangelism what the skeleton is to the body. Remove the skeleton and the body becomes a helpless, quivering mass of jelly-like substance.” C.E. Autrey

Help Us Offset the Imbalance of Resources


Of the worlds youth ministry resources are inside the U. S.


of the world's youth are outside the U. S.

Cost per student per course

Average cost of a two course session with 25 students

We need your help to continue to expand our reach of theological education around the world. It costs each student approximately $160 per class or $1920 to complete all 12 classes. We’ve already completed multiple sessions in Nepal and the Philippines. Our goal is to bring this to India, Colombia, Mongolia, Taiwan, and the Baltic’s in the next two years. We still need to raise $12,000 for our 2019 courses, please consider a gift.

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