Mr. Tamang

Ambassador of Youth Ministry for the SAARC Region

In the SAARC region, the Gospel is still not being preached to young people. They fell hopeless and have no confidence in who they are and what they can become. They also feel lonely because there are no adults around them to love them and show them who they can be. Furthermore, young people can’t find jobs, feel very meaningless and end up leaving the country. This is detrimental to the overall development of the local church. Many church leaders see and understand this problem yet don’t have a clear vision or adequate training to reach young people in their communities.

My vision is to encourage, train and equip leaders throughout my region to build relationships with young people and share the Gospel with them. By encouraging, training and equipping local leaders to reach young people in their community we can have a deep and broad impact on this part of the world. 

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