Rajesh S.

Ambassador of Youth Ministry – Undisclosed Country

My country is one of the most unreached on the earth. The vast majority of young people in my country have never heard the good news of Jesus. In my country, young people feel hopeless and are dying while trying to live without Jesus. I was one of these young people. But Jesus has given me hope and has changed my life through a relationship with God through Him.

My vision is to reach my country in the same way Jesus began to reach this unreached world 2000 years ago. When Jesus began his ministry at the age of 30, he chose 12 young people to disciple (all were in their late teens and early 20’s.) Jesus’ plan was to reach the many of this world by calling these few young men to follow him, be his disciples, and to multiply by making disciples of others. This is how God has called me and my family to reach our unreached country for Jesus. I believe that young people matter to God. Will you help me to reach our country with the good news of Jesus by partnering with me in prayer and partnering with me financially as together we make disciples and spread the light of Jesus Christ in this dark place?

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