Nepal Disaster Relief

11156123_988568847829310_5310636025100728650_nIn response the recent disaster that has devastated the nation of Nepal, Nexus International is sending a small response team led by Ashley Denton. We are in direct communication with several local pastors who are assessing the needs of Nepalese people specifically in the outlying villages. One local friend stated:

while Kathmandu Valley with crowded population is facing disaster and also is the key excess point for international relief teams, we should not forget hills and villages where 80% of the houses are assumed destroyed which will leave people helpless, they are in hill sides, away from key excess points of transportation and communication, let’s remember these hill country side as well in prayers and consider them also as high priority victims. let’s not forget that Nepal is not a nation of cities but more of villages in hillsides.

Our team will be leaving within the week with the specific support needs directly requested by local believers. If you would like to donate financially to this effort please use the form below.

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