Food Baskets for Honduran Families During COVID-19 Crisis

In Honduras so many people are struggling right now to just survive. We expect this current lockdown to continue another 3 weeks **at the least** and each day this need grows. With the lockdown comes food shortages everywhere, but particularly in rural communities, due to the lack of ability to leave to work/make money. At least 70% of the Honduran population live hand to mouth each day. If they aren’t working, they aren’t eating. If they aren’t leaving home, they are unable to earn money to buy food for that day.  

Nexus partners are working closely with the local church here to distribute emergency food relief into individual communities and households, the name of Jesus and His gospel is being proclaimed in a way that not only feeds the bodies, but also the spirits of the people.  

A gift of $19 will feed a family of five people for about five days. 

Each emergency food basket contains the following supplies:

10 pounds of rice

10 pounds of beans

4 pounds of sugar

1 pound of lard

10 seasonings

1 pound of salt

1 pound of spaghetti

1 pound of coffee

4 rolls of toilet paper

2 pounds of wheat flour


Make a one time donation for Honduran food baskets:

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