Efraín Argüello

WMI Latin America Coordinator
Efraín & Raquel Argüello Aguilar

We have been working with youth through adventure camp ministry in Costa Rica since 2011, and began partnering with Nexus in 2014. Since that time we have also been investing in our local community and discipling the volunteers who have worked with us.

We currently see a great need for Christian leadership among Latin American youth. The lack of such leadership has caused most of them to walk without a sense of direction. Many of these young people have even heard the message of Jesus, however, they surrender to the challenges of life without being able to grow in their relationship with God due to the lack of Godly leaders investing in them.

With Nexus we are identifying and investing in a new generation of youth capable of reaching, leading and discipling others who want to know Jesus personally.

For us, Jesus is the best adventure in life, and it is a privilege to serve Him with the team at Nexus.

Thank you for being part of our team.

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